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Our mission is to educate children for life by deeply integrating child-centered, high quality, anti-biased opportunities

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Summer Camp 2020 Themes TBD

Summer Camp 2019

  1. 07/01-07/05 - Fun & Fitness (Closed on July 4th)
  2. 07/08-07/12 - Under the Sea
  3. 07/15-07/19  - Scientist's Workshop
  4. 07/22-07/26 - Outdoor Explorers
  5. 07/29-08/01  - Digital Music & Photography
  6. 08/05-08/09 - Artsy Antics
  7. 08/12-08/16 -  Animal Planet
  8. 08/19-08/23  - Little Aviators

*Please find attached summer camp brochure under Enrollment Forms section.

Meet Our Team


Center Supervisor

My name is Vanni Manuel-Salvador. I was born and raised on the island of Luzon, in the Philippines. I migrated to the US in September of 2007. My first job in the US was at Little Eagles Child Development Center. I have worked with children ages infant through Pre K as a lead/co lead teacher for 9 years.  I graduated at Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines with a Bachelor of Elementary Education and finished academic units required for the Degree of Masters of Arts in Guidance and Counseling. I taught in the Philippines for 13 years, both in Preschools and Elementary, before migrating to US. I am married to my wonderful husband and we have been blessed with 2 beautiful daughters Maxine and Zoey. We enjoy going to the beach and have picnics at the park, watch movies, and swimming! I love being with children and enjoy watching them grow, develop, and learn. I believe in providing a warm, fun, and loving atmosphere for all children. There is no greater pleasure than helping a child build their self confidence, social skills, and love of learning.  

Meet Our Team


Classroom Facilitator

Hello Everybody,   

My name is Marquise Green. I have recently become involved with Dragon's Den and am very excited to be here! I moved to Seattle from Richland, Washington in search of a bigger avenue to pursue musical goals and am ecstatic to be working with these wonderful children. I was born in Richland, Washington and graduated from Hanford High School. I spent 3 years going to Tacoma Community College, where I studied arts and sciences, and also where I worked as a supplemental instructor for English as well as a sound engineering proctor. I graduated with my Associates in June of 2016. I believe music is the universal influence and look forward to bringing my music knowledge to Dragon's Den. Music is an art and a form of expression no different from painting or creating crafts and is not explored enough at the elementary age. I'm excited to bring these learning opportunities to Dragon's Den and look forward to seeing you!    

Meet Our Team

Classroom Facilitator

Hello, my name is Khadija Mohamed, and I enjoy having the opportunity to take care of life’s important gift “precious children”.  I was born in Somali in a family of 7 children.  Being the oldest child, a mother of two wonderful sons and a grandma to two awesome grandchildren have given me the much needed skills to fulfill my dream of guiding young children's healthy habits and behaviors and helping form them into awesome human beings.  I believe that some of the most important skills to have when working with little children is patience, flexibility, listening, caring body language and love.  I enjoy the opportunity to support and watch the precious children grow and flourish very much.  


Meet Our Team

Classroom Facilitator


Hello All, 

My name is David Chaney and I’m very happy to have the opportunity with working and taking care of the students at the Dragons Den! As someone whom grew up in a household of art and self-growth, it brings me a lot of joy shaping these ever-changing minds with the fun, importance of art and creativity. Since I was young I’ve always been intrigued by stories with superhero’s and science-fiction. I used to make my own comic books that were inspired by my favorite superheroes. I then used my love of storytelling and introduced it to my love for music; and brought forward a whole new love for writing. I then continued to write music and sing the words I wrote. Ultimately, my love for writing, turned into a love of singing/creating. I continue to sing and write music and the unexplainable bond I’ve created with it grows every day.  I can’t explain how excited I am to bring a fun, creative learning environment to the Dragons Den. 



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